Marriage Intensives

Restore Your Relationship

Re-engage & Reconnect With Your Spouse

Marriage Intensives


Re-engage & Reconnect With Your Spouse

Empower your Marriage

Our marriage intensives offer the fullest scope of transformational work we do for couples. 



We’ll get to the root of past pain and trauma affecting the health of your relationship.


Find strategies and tools to heal relational wounds and move into a place of growth in your marriage.


Reconnect with your spouse mentally, physically, and emotionally, setting you on a path for future success.

Discover Hope

Invest In
Your Marriage

It’s never too late to begin again

How it works.

A marriage intensive with Bill and Laurie is an amazingly effective process. Instead of the usual dreaded weekly sessions that we found accomplished little, we spend two to three full days with the couple uncovering their intertwined stories with messages and beliefs that have undermined each other for years.

Often a couple will have the same conflict or argument over and over until they lose hope that it can be different. Research shows what really helps is seeing each other’s heart in a safe, vulnerable way, and then communicating from that place with empathy and truth.

What we see couples regularly get.

In our intensives we help you discover the driving forces behind those stuck places and then teach you some unique tools so that you see each other’s heart in a different, more vulnerable perspective. With more good-will established between you, we will guide you through a process to resolve some of those difficulties that have kept you stuck for so long.

Clarity to see what wounds are from your past vs. from your current relationship

Discovering and sharing the fears that have blocked your honesty with each other
Healing from wounds experienced with each other
A more compassionate way of seeing your spouse and their story
Effective tools with which you’ll learn to talk through those sensitive topics and find some resolution.
Seeing your partner’s heart with vulnerability


Q & A

Common Questions about Marriage Intensives with Bill and Laurie. 

How long is the Intensive?

Intensives are two—three days….

Where are the Intensives located?

The Greater Nashville area

What is the cost?

Cost is $2000 per day for a two or three-day session.  

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