Experience Restoration

Invest In Yourself & Your Relationships

Creating space for honest, truthful, conversation and renewal



Move towards healthy, whole relationships, and heal issues of past hurt and shame that keep you from loving well.


Reactions to your past traumas can play out in all areas of life, but they don’t have to define who you are

Rising Through Adversity

Learn to rediscover your faith and hope in a real relationship with the Creator, even in the midst of life’s biggest struggles.

Love or Codependency: What’s The Difference?

Codependency is sneaky as it sometimes looks like love but really is controlling and hurtful. Discover how to fully heal so you can love well.

Increasing Sexual & Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage

Attraction and connection are vital to intimacy. In our workshops, you will learn how to cultivate both.

Take the First Step

Awaken to
Your Legacy
We’ll help you chart a course to God-ordained legacy and purpose

Why Our Workshops.

Have you ever felt stuck in your most important relationships? Do you feel held back by past mistakes, or long for a fresh sense of purpose and direction? You’re not alone. In our workshops and group sessions, we teach organizations and individuals how to chart a course to full healing and transformation.

Looking to dig deep with a small, intimate group? Planning a large scale event to encourage or inspire your company? These sessions can be specifically tailored to your preferred environment, needs, and audience size.
Topics include relationship building, healing from trauma, living in adversity, and discovering your God-ordained purpose. We believe the content of these workshops can radically shift your life for the better.
As an attendee, you’ll experience an awareness of what gets in the way of living out your love for others, and learn the tools you need to heal relationships and keep them healthy long term.
Whether you want to host a time of rejuvenation for your group or chart a new direction in your organization, these powerful events will set you on a course of healing and purpose in your life and relationships.

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