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Copied from Narm Training Institute with Brad Kammer (Episode 087):

In this episode of Transforming Trauma, NARM Senior Trainer Brad Kammer is joined by Bill Lokey, former Clinical Director and Licensed Senior Psychological Examiner out of the Nashville area, and current NARM trainee. Brad reflects on inviting Bill to join him on the podcast due to meeting him in recent NARM Training, and how moved and inspired Brad was by Bill’s journey.  Bill speaks openly and honestly about his cancer journey and how he is attempting to live each day to its fullest.  

Bill shares how he was inspired to sign up for the NARM Therapist Training through trusted colleagues and friends and how NARM is supporting him in his current phase of life.  It has challenged him to walk his talk, which has to do with showing up authentically and living more intentionally.  

When reflecting on his process of becoming a psychotherapist, Bill recalls being inspired by a therapist who seemed to touch many people’s lives by the way he had lived his life and supported others.  Bill wanted to learn how to make that kind of impact on others.  He wanted to live a life full of meaning.  He soon realized that beyond academic and clinical training, receiving his own therapy was a big part of this process. He is a true believer that one can only be honest with others when one is honest with themselves. For Bill, this meant loving better, experiencing more intimacy, and improving all his relationships. 

Bill also shares about his personal experience with overcoming codependency. He attributes the success of his personal and professional relationship with wife Laurie to the ongoing recovery work that they do on their own. This has also contributed to the success they have as they work with individuals and couples dealing with the effects of trauma. Together, they embody their intention for their clients, which is to “awaken to truth and freedom”.

This outlook has created a strong foundation for him and his family as they face his long-term health condition. Bill, however, shares that he believes it is important for everyone, not just those dealing with long-term illnesses, to take stock on how they are living their lives. He encourages others to get support in showing up more for others, as well as themselves, because that is where true connections are made and what makes life truly worth living.

We are grateful to Bill for sharing his wisdom and desire for radical living and connection. We invite you to listen to the full episode to hear more about authenticity, freedom, and living more intentionally.

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