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Bill and Laurie discuss how we can live our life to the fullest even in the middle of the unknown on the Famous at Home Podcast

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Copied from Famous at Home Podcast (Episode 218):

Each of us have experienced a wake up call in some way or another. This could be related to a car accident, a bad health report, losing a loved one, or walking through a divorce. No matter the situation, there is an “in-between” time of living in the unknown. 

In this episode, Josh and Christi sit down with their dear friends, Bill and Laurie Lokey to discuss how we can live our life to the fullest even in the middle of the unknown. Coaches for the Leader’s Heart Cohort, therapists, speakers, and teachers of faith. Bill and Laurie open up about Bill’s current journey with cancer, and the lessons they’re learning in the unknown.

Here are some highlights:

  • To move forward in our difficulties, we have to stop carrying the keys to doors we no longer live in.
  • What it looks like to journey with the people in our life in active “withness.”
  • What it looks like to actually trust Jesus in the day-to-day unknowns of our hardship.

Learn More about the Famous at Home Podcast: The Famous at Home Podcast is like having a cup of coffee with authentic friends who just “get you.” With topics designed to help you navigate the demands and difficulties of staying connected to your family and living on purpose, you’ll walk away feeling encouraged and empowered to be famous at home.

Every one of us has a stage. But so often, the problem we face is feeling like we have to choose between work and home. In other words, it’s our loved ones who get what’s leftover—either from a long day at the office, or being home with the kids. Yet, the more connected you are to your family, the more influence—and fun—you have on your respective stage.

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