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Bill and Laurie discuss how to get through the things that slow us down on the Famous at Home Podcast

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Copied from Famous at Home Podcast (Episode 219):

Life has a way of throwing us curveballs, interruptions in our health, job, or circumstances that force us to slow down or alter our lifestyle. While setbacks aren’t that enjoyable at first, they have a way of being perspective-shifting moments that reshape how we live our lives.

Last week we touched on things that wake us up. This week, Bill and Laurie Lokey are back to talk with Josh and Christi about how to get through the things that slow us down.

The Straub’s and Lokey’s talk about:

  • How slowing down forces you to identify areas of your life you took for granted. 
  • What we rob ourselves of when we press the “easy” button. 
  • The power of saying yes to adventure in the midst of being slowed down.

Learn More about the Famous at Home Podcast: The Famous at Home Podcast is like having a cup of coffee with authentic friends who just “get you.” With topics designed to help you navigate the demands and difficulties of staying connected to your family and living on purpose, you’ll walk away feeling encouraged and empowered to be famous at home.

Every one of us has a stage. But so often, the problem we face is feeling like we have to choose between work and home. In other words, it’s our loved ones who get what’s leftover—either from a long day at the office, or being home with the kids. Yet, the more connected you are to your family, the more influence—and fun—you have on your respective stage.

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